Samburu, Kenya

The Laikipia District Kenya Program currently encompasses both water supply and water storage projects. Our aim was to meet 100 percent of local community’s water needs. In collaboration with the Zeitz Foundation, two approaches were used. The chosen technologies included a roof-based rainwater collection system and the drilling of shallow spring well. In 2013, our team completed the roof-based Rainwater Catchment of our Water Project. The project left the community with the ability to store over 8000 gallons of usable rainwater. The unfinished phase of our project, which included the drilling and development of a shallow well, was halted due to incomplete permitting required to tap the aquifer.

We are currently working with the local Water Resources Management Authority to resolve this issue at which time we will send a final team to complete this project.

Recently, our partnered NGO went on to replicate our rain water catchment design at a similar community in need along the Tanzanian border. Were our project installed a total of 4 systems, the NGO installed 28 additional rainwater catchment systems. Today, our team is looking to start a new project ideally within Kenya so that we may oversee the progress of our existing projects.

Project Lead:  Eric Witten, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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